Reaction Paper Ten: Apollo Robbins The Art of Misdirection

1. The title, speaker, and link (URL) to the TED video that you have chosen.

The video I chose to watch for this week was a TED Talk by Apollo Robbins called The Art of Misdirection.

2. Why did you choose that particular TED video?

I chose this video because Apollo Robbins discusses controlling an individual’s attention. As a future Game Designer, manipulating where a player’s attention is will be key. Maybe one day I could create a game like what Robbins did in his talk, I could create a game that makes a player rely on things that maybe aren’t so obvious.

3. What did you learn from watching this TED video?

I learned how easy it is to manipulate a person’s attention and how. If you simply keep them focused on something right in front of them, everything around them is pretty much lost. He demonstrates this with the poker chip and lastly with his outfit change. While everyone focuses on what he has to say, nearly the entire crowd misses his outfit change.

4. What are your reactions?

I was amazed and I had to watch the video at least four times over. Even when I was watching for his tricks, I still missed each one at least twice. Even now, after watching it as many times as I did, I still have no clue how he pulled off some of those things, especially his outfit change.

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