Reaction Paper Eight: Fir, Gideon, and Jake

This week’s lecture was by my classmates, Woodbury University’s interns from Singapore, Gideon, Fir, and Jake. Jake is a current major in programming, Gideon an animation student hoping to get into the game field, and lastly Fir is an animation student with a goal of getting into the film industry. Their lecture this week was about the experiences they had at GDC which is short for Game Developers Conference. I am genuinely interested in attending the monumental event however, listening to their talk, it all seemed too daunting, at least for me. The thought of even creating a portfolio is scary. How am I going to make a portfolio or even answer programming questions when I can’t even remember simple code? I remember them saying that it’s okay to say “I don’t know.” But I highly doubt that they meant I could be clueless for every single question sent my way. As for the art stuff, I don’t feel that I’ve learned enough to be considered. Besides all of this, I’m both excited and worried about the things they showed that were at GDC. The new game technology, the new ways of creating… I worry about the way of life changing. All it does is make me think of the Pixar film “Wall-E” and the characters that are too fat to even take a step. They simple exist behind screens and shoving their faces full of food. I worry that human existence will trickle down to a life behind a screen, or even a world that is simple plugged into our heads, much like what we’ve all seen in “The Matrix.” On a smaller scale, the devices we use to play our games our expensive enough, however, creators seem to be making the technology bigger and bigger and with more power. This translates to extremely expensive materials, making the product cost an arm and a leg… and possibly my first born child. This also makes me think of possible environmental issues. Going beyond the obvious issue of non-renewable resources that are often found in today’s technology, what about the power these things absolutely need to be used? I know that our technology is slowly making its way toward being too powerful for the processing capabilities we currently have. I also know that our most common forms of energy is not exactly unlimited or eco-friendly. What will happen to us if we continue the way we are going?

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