Reaction Paper Two: Newton Lee

This week’s lecture has been very enlightening. When it came to open source wearable technology, I found myself extremely interested in making things much like the items we see in the PBS film. With what Newton was saying about society being made up of humans interacting with technology, I can agree. I know of many apps nowadays that tries to interact more with its users. One app I know of is a jogging app that immerses you into a world where you are getting chased by blood-thirsty zombies complete with snarling and checkpoints with items to fortify ones camp. This app serves to make its runners run faster and harder for a better overall workout. One could say that this is a “killer app”.

5 Stages of Design: Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test.

With the Tedx speech, I found it interesting that people in Africa don’t have the ability to naturally know when they are being overexposed with sunlight. She discusses the 5 stages of design when they created these successful bracelets that took the place of a natural alert system. I was so interested in this subject I had to read more on it.

I love how they used such a simple concept that is used by little girls, to fight something so harmful. I know my little sister and I make bracelets all the time and I imagine just how successful this was with the little girls in Africa.

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